Homegrown Aotearoa Concerts 2018

The Glamaphones hit the high notes with their version of Homegrown Aotearoa at two November concerts: one at their home base of St Andrews on the Terrace and the other at their favourite up the coast venue at Paekakariki. Both concerts were attended by large group of enthusiastic raving fans.

The choir was lucky to have specially commissioned arrangements of some Kiwi pop icons to sing. Rosie Salas, a Wellington composer, arranged Anchor me and Greenstone. And Don McGlashan arranged his song, Bathe in the river, which the choir also sang as an encore. For the first time they also had a beat boxer accompanying the choir.

Passion Concert 2017

30th Anniversary Homosexual Law Reform Concerts 2016

Out in the Park  Sat 12th March 2016

Gay Anthems Concert 2015 - International Coming Out Day

All Souls Concert 2016

Singing Out at the Movies 2015

For our mid year concert we rocked St Andrews with Movie Themes!   It was the first time we have held Saturday evening concert, so out came the red carpet, lights, projection and even the bubble machine. It was also the first concert under the musical direction of our new MD Rachel Hyde. 

The choir sounded and looked  fab singing those  movie themes we love,  Skyfall, Frozen, Smile,  Moon River, Happy…. and of course The Rainbow Connection.   A Glam time was had by all.  Thanks to all those that can our supported this concert.

Aids Memorial  Te Papa 2015

An annual event for the Glams.  

Singing Out at the Zoo!

Sunday 30th November 2014  Wellington Zoo

With a Animal Themed year of music learnt, what better place to perform them than at the Wellington Zoo. When word got round of this event, tickets sold out.  It was Jeans (our musical director) final concert after having lead the Glamaphones for 7 years.

It  turned out to be a day to remember!  We sang to the chimps, dressed up in animal costumes, face painted kids, and had a wonderful end of year performances (kids show) and main concert.  There were lots of smiles and laughter had by all. Thanks to all involved who made this day a very special send off for Jean. 

Various Voices Dublin 2014

Various Voices, Republic of Ireland
June 13th - 16th 2014

GLAMAPHONES Performed at
Mahony Hall, The Helix, Dublin City University
on Sun 15 Jun 2014

In June some of our intrepid Glams headed off to Various Voices in Dublin,  This was the first time we had a representation of the Glamaphones at a Various Voices Event.  Our girls managed to sing their way into the hearts of the people of Dublin and choirs from around the world and did us proud.
The next Various Voices will be at Munich in 2018, we look forward attending with an even larger group of Glams.  Watch out Munich.

Mid Year Concerts 2014

Saturday 24 May at St Peters Village Hall, Paekakariki

Sunday  25  May at St Andrews on the Terrace, Wellington

The Glamaphones sung out in Wellington and for the first time, Paekakariki, as they presented their May concert “A touch of the Irish and a dash of Kiwi".

The repertoire for both concerts included a selection of NZ songs that a group from the choir will showcase at the Various Voices international choral festival for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender choirs held in Dublin this June. This will be the first year that the Glamaphones will be represented at this huge event.

Aids Memorial Concert Te Papa

18 May 2014 at Te Papa Marae Wellington

The choir gathered for this event at the Te Papa Museum Marae and sung two songs, one of which being the beautiful "Beloved" to accompanying  video images.

A moving event for us to sing at. 


18 January 2014 in Wellington

The choir is now so large we weren’t all allowed on the stage to sing at Out in the Square. But that didn’t stop us from making an impression as we sang Gloria with great vigour and also got the crowd going with Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’. It must have made an impression, we signed up over 35 people who expressed an interest in attending our open rehearsals, and from that we got a number of new members.


2-4 April 2014 at Silverstream

The choir camp, a favorite yearly event, went off with a bang at the Silverstream again this year. Lots of singing practice was had in preparedness for our Mid Year Concert and those Glams heading off to various Voices in Dublin.

The Saturday night dance "dress as your favorite singer" ended up with 3 Tina Turners, 3 Bob Marleys, 3 George Michaels and many more hilarious costumes.  A  great "camp" time was had by all. 


8 December at Pataka Museum Porirua

This year we decided to head up to Pataka and do a free Xmas Concert there. We had a great time singing a diverse range of carols and enjoying the beautiful Pataka environment. We had the crowd singing along for our final concert for the year 2013.


It was a real pleasure to sing for the residents of Sprott House in Karori. We all squeezed tightly into the main room making it a very cosy delivery of songs such as Still of the Night, Build me up Buttercup and Gloria. We finished with a sing-along with the residents and it was a thoroughly rewarding afternoon.

Glamaphones Choir Camp 2012

4-6 May 2012 at Silverstream

Great weather, great singing, great entertainment! Our second choir camp was a stunner. We sang all day Saturday and in the evening we dressed up to watch Priscilla - Queen of the desert. Check out the pic on the left. Some of the more romantic of us watched the huge moon. On Sunday we sang more, practising for the Aids Memorial Concert and the opening of the Outtakes Film Festival.


21 January 2012 in Wellington
It was a stunning day for Out in the square - sunny with a light breeze. As part of the entertainment the Glamaphones sang a bracket of songs from last year's concert. Lots of people came up to our staff afterwards to complement us on our performance. Hopefully our performance will result in lots of potential members coming along to our open rehearsals on the next three Thursdays. Update: And at the first two open rehearsals we got 29 newbies, half of who have joined us! We have quintupled the soprano section... Well, we did start from a base of 3!


2 December 2011

As part of "sharing the love" we sang to the Xmas shopping crowds in Cuba Mall. We proved to be quite popular, singing to probably 50 people overall. It was really nice of the council to provide tiered seating for artists such as us


13 November 2011 at St Andrews on the Terrace
A full house and a partial standing ovation - what more could you ask for at our first concert as a mixed voice voice choir? Singing a number of "angelic" songs by composers such as Sarah McLachlan, Robbie Williams and Billy Joel, we had a great time and so did our audience.


 March 2011

This event was the birthplace of the Glamaphones.

The Homophones invited gay and lesbian singers from all over New Zealand to participate in this choral event including a large contingent of GALS (Gay and Lesbian Singers) from Auckland. On Saturday we held a choral workshop and prepared songs for the concert in the Wellington Town Hall on the Sunday.